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Icy Roads Cause Ten Car Pile Up

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Blame it on the ice.

Well not entirely.

Since we so infrequently encounter driving on icy roads, it’s understandable that this new experience might throw some people off. Apparently it threw some cars off the roads too Thursday morning.

Just after 7 this morning a vehicle reportedly flipped over at Argyle Forest Boulevard at Water Mill Road. The number of injuries reported is unclear this evening.

Minutes later in the same area near Argyle Forest Boulevard and Brannenfield Road, the icy roads caused a ten car accident. The roads were already crowded and congested, but it didn’t help that someone apparently left a sprinkler on that added to the ice. Old Middleburg Road and Argyle Forest Boulevard also had some road blockage from drivers not use to driving in those conditions. Nothing life-threatening reported from that congestion.

Expect the person or business that left sprinklers on during a freezing night to hear something from law enforcement. But beyond that we all have a responsibility to respect the conditions of the road. Crowded and unfavorable conditions sometimes cause people to drive even more recklessly so they can get to work five minutes faster. It just is just not worth it.

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